#10: Raspberry Champagne Bars

Hey Team!

December is the best. Christmas is pretty rad, but it’s also great for sleeping late and having hot coffee and eating the egg and avocado sandwiches and doing crossword puzzles and taking walks in the dang ravine and then a nap and then raspberry champagne bars and holding hands with a big dummy.

What’s that? You want to know more about these raspberry champagne bars???? Ok!!! The recipe came to me in a DREAM! It’s like cake mix and this jam from the farmers market and then like a streusel situation on top.

You know that song “Groove Me”? Angie Stone covers it and it’s so good! You should listen to that song while you make these bars. She’s like “hey sugar dumpling. Give me some hugging. My name is Angie!”  Ugh! So goooood!

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