#14: Bailey Salingers


Hi hi hi hi hi!

Happy new year!  It’s been a while – sorry!  I was sick!

Anyway – this was such a great weekend.  Jimmy came down and Rita and the Skipper were in town and it was Emily’s birthday and I got to see so many people.  Last night – I had a big family dinner and Rita helped me brainstorm these cookies.  They’re double chocolate chip cookies with a Bailey’s Irish Cream buttercream situation happening on the insides.  That was a long name for a cookie, so I’m calling these Bailey Salingers.  Do you remember that show Party Of Five?  Scott Wolf played Bailey Salinger and he was turning into a big-time alcoholic!  And there was an intervention!  His sister Claudia was played by the girl who went on to be Gretchen Wieners in Mean Girls – Lacey Chabert.  Anyway – she lies to Bailey to get him to come home for the intervention by saying the baby was in an accident.  REMEMBER????  She was like “No way – I’m not doing it” and then she does it “Bay! Bay! It’s Owen! He fell down the stairs!”  And then he comes home and he’s like “Owen is fine and I’m not staying for some bullhonk intervention!”  And then Claudia rips open everyone’s hearts with this bit “No! No! If you don’t get help, you can’t come over anymore and you can’t see me and you can’t see Owen and I’m not even going to think about you!” Such a good scene!!!!

Anyway – Bailey Salingers are as follows:

1-1/4 cups of butter – SOFTEN THAT SHIT!

2 eggs

2 cups sugar

2 tsp vanilla extract

2 cups AP flour

3/4 cups dark chocolate cocoa

heaping 1/2 tsp salt

tsp baking soda

a big ol’ handful of chocolate chips

Mix this jazz and bake cookie-sized blobs on 350 for 10 – 11 minutes.  NOTE – they will be like soft and not great right away.  You gotta let them cool down – and maybe even chill them before the frosting bit.  OK????  Otherwise – too mushy and gross.  It’s your own funeral if you don’t let these shits cool.

Now – the frosting is easy.

It’s a stick of soft butter and 1-1/2 cups of powdered sugar and 2 tbsps of Baileys and a drip and a drab of vanilla.  Per Rita – a pinch of salt.  ALWAYS DO THIS.  Mix this and then spread them right up in those chilled cookies.

And since we’re talking about Party Of Five – here’s a picture of Matthew Fox, who was Charlie Salinger.




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