#20: Josie Grossies

 When I saw that we had a leap day this year, I immediately decided to take that day off work and have a Treat Yo’self Day. 

  That means naps, shopping, and cookies with all the garbage.  Emily met me for lunch and we brainstormed and came up with these Josie Grossies. Here’s the recipe:
2 sticka butter

1 cuppa brown sugar

1/2 cuppa gran sugar

2 eggs

Big ol splash of vanilla

2 cuppa flour

1/4 cuppa oatmeal 

1 tsp salt

1 tsp baking soda (NOT POWDER)

1 Emily

Mix all this junk together. Then add whatever additional garbage you have in the cupboard. We used a handful of caramel chips, a handful of peanut butter chips, crushed pretzels, and some Easter candy that Emily smashed with a rolling pin. More mixing. Spread into a greased up baking dish and bake this mess for 25 min on 375. 

(Note: make sure you have an Emily help you with these, because she will clean your kitchen while these bake.) 

When these shits cool, they will look like abominations. Don’t worry about that. They will be delicious. As in the movie Never Been Kissed, it’s not about what Josie Grossies look like, it’s what’s on the inside that matters.  (Also! FUN FACT: Josie Grossy and I both went to Northwestern! GO CATS! Meow!)


And that’s the end of that story! 

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