#22: Mint Snakes

Hi Team! 

St Patrick’s Day is right around the dang corner!  Weeeeee! Here’s a fun semi-related story. I went to Ireland for my friend Kate’s wedding about 10 years ago. (Important side note: I had poison ivy from the week before. Gardening!). I flew into Dublin on the Friday and drove myself (in a stick shift rental!) all the way over to the other side of Ireland where the wedding was. (I was single/dateless. Womp womp). The wedding was Saturday night and I got pretty trashed. I was trying to keep up with all of the Irish relatives and that was a big mistake. Anyway, I woke up Sunday morning hungover and my hands swelled up to the size of oven mitts. OVEN MITT HANDS! I freaked out!!!!  So I went to the little village apothecary and the woman said “don’t touch anything and get out of here. Go to the doctor in the next village.”  So I had to drive an Irish stick shift to another village to meet a weirdo Irish doctor in his house. He said I had an allergic reaction to my poison ivy cream. I paid him 50€ and was like “bye forever!” Anyway – that was Ireland!!!
Now then, scientists have proved that there were never any snakes in Ireland for St Patrick to drive out. But, I think the snake story is kind of fun because I like imagining boatfuls of snakes landing in France. “Hi! We got kicked out of Ireland! Hiss!”  

Mint Snakes:

2 sticka butter

1/2 cuppa sugar

2 splashes of mint extract

2 cuppa flour

1 tsp baking powder (POWDER, NOT SODA) 

1/4 tsp salt

(Note I didn’t try the recipe with an egg. I feel like maybe there should be an egg there.it couldn’t hurt…..)

Mix this jazz together and chill for 30 min. Then make snake shapes from the chilled dough and cook those snakes for 10-12 min. Melt some choco-chips and dip your baked snakes in that mess. Chill again and serve those snakes up! The kids’ll love ’em! 

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