#24: Potato Chip Cookies

Hi hi hi hi! 

I still can’t believe my dumb blog was in the paper this weekend! It was a cute little story, but I’m still not totally sure why I got featured when there are so many other talented people out there. Touched by a dang angel, y’all! (Quick story – I really was touched by an angel! Della Reese from the Touched By An Angel show, bumped me in the Dallas airport a million years ago! She was wearing a mink coat in August!)

Back to all the other talented people out there, I’ve already mentioned the kids who write the Dear Henry Owen blog (booze & babkas & cute pictures). And for seriously the best cookie recipes, check out Seven Spoons. The girl there – I think her name is Tara. She make some ridiculously great cookies. And lately, I’m really into the Fig & Bleu kid and his blog. Ugh – his food photos are so good and his stories are like warm little blankets that you just wrap up in. So good! figandbleu.com.  Anyway, I’ve been wanting to try his potato chip cookies for a while now. Here’s a recipe that is mostly his but a little mine cuz mine has eggs and more butter. 
2 sticka butter

1 cuppa sugar

1 splash of vanilla 

2 eggs

3-1/4 cuppa flour

30 Pringles (smashed). I used the new Hot Dog Pringles, and that was maybe not the best idea. I might try Ruffles next time. 

2 handfuls of choco chips for melting and then decoration (1 handful milk choco, 1 dark)

And the rest of the Pringles in the tube – use those for decoration too.
Ok. Mix all your thangs together in a mixer – except for the ingredients that are for decorations. Set that shit aside. Once your mix is mixed, chill that mess in the fridge for a half hour. Once it’s chilled, roll the dough out and cut circles with your dang biscuit cutter. Slap those babes onto your cookie sheets and wink at each one three times. Bake those babes for 15 minutes or so on 350. Maybe longer. Just pull them out when they look done, ok??? 

Now then, microwave your choco chips for about 2 minutes and stir the melted choco until smooth. Here’s what I did – I used a dang offset spatula to spread the choco on the cookies.  Put the drippy cookies on a wire rack to rest for a minute. Don’t chill them just yet, son! While the cookies are still a little warm and drippy, crush the rest of your Pringles or Ruffles or whatever and smash your dripped up cookies into the crumbs. I can’t warn you enough: think twice before you use the Hot Dog Pringles. They’re maybe not the best for cooking with. But here’s the thing, team – you won’t know until you try. This was what I wish the reporter would’ve said in the article – have some fucking fun once in a while. Sometimes, your cookies will be awful. But who cares???? Right???? 

Lastly, is everyone watching the new Peewee movie on the Netflix???? I can’t believe The Renegades broke up! Also …..



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