#25: Salted Caramel Corgis


1. I’ve been on a little bit of a tear lately with the cookies! It’ll slow down again soon, but just want to crank these mothers out while the ideas are still fresh, y’all! SORRY!

2. Made myself a new little friend this year. Remember Staci from #3? Her cousin Lauren just moved to town and she’s the coolest.  Staci and Lauren came over last night because Lauren found this corgi cookie cutter and wouldn’t it be fun to make corgi cookies? (Uh yeah! Corgi cookies are always fun!)

3. So, the original idea was to frost these bad boys with royal icing, which was a new and scary thing. Long story short, the royal icing was  not as awesome as I was hoping for. (Please check out the amazing video below to see our fun royal icing cookies! Fun to make, but didn’t get the appearance I was hoping for.)

4. So, I had some leftover dough and I was going to try the cookies again today, but I didn’t have any powdered sugar left. “Aw fart!” I said! Then I said “Hey, you fat lard! What if they were salted caramel corgis?” And that’s how I made these cookies. 

5. I love corgis. 

Here’s the recipe. 

Buy yourself a corgi cookie cutter from the Internet. Then pick up the basic-b cookie recipe from #6.  Use the cookie cutter….  Next, melt a bunch of caramels and some cream like you did in #16.  Spread the caramel jazz on your corgis and sprinkle some sea salt (or kosher salt – whatever) on your caramel corgis. Draw a little face on them with your black frosting thing.  Pro tip – use a toothpick to do this.  (Staci & Lauren! I literally just had that idea and it’s the best! We have to try this next time!)

6.  Here’s the video Lauren made last night! Turn your volume up! (Note: we also had wiener dog and Scotty dog cutters, but obv the corgis are the best)

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