#27 – Milkbar Cornflake Choco Chip & Marshmallow Cookies

 Hi hi hi

WARNING – slightly personal story in the next paragraph. And an amusing wedding anecdote at the bottom….

I’ve started looking at wedding cakes. Just daydreaming a bit. Until recently, I thought I’d be single for the rest of my days.  But I’m feeling different. And wedding daydreaming is fun. Cakes, cake toppers, wedding invitations, place cards.  But mostly the cake…

I found a cake I like. A Momofuku Milkbar cake – it’s technically a birthday cake. But I like it. It looks like a good wedding cake.  See below….

Anyway – when I was looking at this cake, I saw that this Momofuku Milkbar also had cookies.  And I thought to myself “Self, hey! Make those dang cookies – they look really fucking good.”  And, so I did.

NOTE!  I’m just going to send you over to their recipe page.  I’m still so excited they publish their recipes.  I would’ve thought they would be like “yo, bro.  We’re not sharing our cookie secrets witchu.  We’re keeping this to our damn selves because then you can’t just make these shits at home.”  But, guess what – they’re like “go ahead, son.  Make these cookies!  They’re awesome!”  I love you, Momofuku Milkbar!  here’s that milkbar recipe link, bro!

Are you ready for that amusing wedding anecdote????

Two years ago, I went to my cousin’s wedding at St. Aloysius in CLEVELAND.  This was pre-Jimmy.  I was there alone, minding my dang business.  I look over at the hymnal board and saw there was only one hymn on the board….  See below…





One thought on “#27 – Milkbar Cornflake Choco Chip & Marshmallow Cookies”

  1. Guess what? Momofuku Milk Bar sells a mix for these in a dang box that you can buy at Target! Lazy people rejoice!


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