#28: Monobrow Mona Lisas


Jimmy and I are flying to Gay Paree on Wednesday! Weeeee! We’re gonna have crepes and champagne and croque madames and eclairs and croissants and more champagne and Royales with Cheese and 1664 beers and tiny coffees and more champagne!

Since Jimbo has never been to Paris, he wants to see Sacre Coeur and Notre Dame, but thankfully he’s not interested in going to the Louvre. It’s kind of a dry hump, the Louvre. And the Mona Lisa is an even bigger drier hump. So small and so crowded.  Since Jimmy isn’t gonna get to see the real thing, I thought I’d make him some Monobrow Mona Lisa cookies.

These are just my basic-b cut-out cookies and buttercream frosting. (Remember! Per Rita Volpi – pinch of salt in the frosting!). Check #18 for the recipe. And don’t freak out – these shits are basically glorified sandwich cookies. I did these mammajammas in about 2 hours.

NOTE #1 – this was my favorite painting at the Louvre. This one babe is like “here are some eyes” and then this other babe is like “oh yeah, dummy? I brought some boobs.”

Note #2 – here’s a picture of Clarence Pitt Jr. having a 1664 in Paris three years ago. I hope I have as much fun this time as we did then!

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