#32: Grandma’s Nut Cups

 Hi! Mothers Day = Nut Cups around these parts. My gram used to make nut cups for every big holiday and they were my mom’s faves. You can see on gram’s recipe – these nut cups are “very good”.

Gram’s recipe yields like 50 nut cups, so I just divided everything here by 3 for a smaller batch.

1 sticka butter + 1 tbsp butter (room temp)

3oz cream cheese (room temp)

1 cuppa flour

1 cuppa crushed pecans (A CUP OF NUTS!!!!!  NUT CUPS!!!)

1 cuppa brown sugar

1 egg

Mix 1 sticka butter, the cream cheese and flour and then chill that mess for an hour. Meanwhile, mix all the other junk (incl that last 1 tbsp of butter) in a bowl and set that aside

Preheat your oven to 350. Grease up a mini muffin pan. Take 1-in balls of the dough mix and cram them into your greased tin areas and make little cups out of the dough balls. (Cups. Because nut cups! Get it????). Then scoop some of your pecan mix into the cups and wink at every single situation. Then bake those shits for 15 minutes.

NUT CUPS!!!!!!  

Bonus picture: here’s a pic of me and my mom from when I was sorting out new looks….

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