#39: I Refuse To Sink

Woof – tough few days, y’all!

Jimmy told me about Orlando when I woke up on Sunday.  So so sad.  Then hours later, we learned that it was a premeditated attack on a gay nightclub.  My sadness now has like a bunch of anger all up in there.  And today – more sadness as I read about the victims.

Quicko story – I came out as gay really late – like in my 30s.  I knew years before but was scared, not just of how my family and friends would react, but also because of how gay people are treated.  It’s crazytown that some people think that being gay is a choice – why would anyone choose a life where you get laughed at, discriminated against, beaten up or killed because of their bedroom preferences?  Crazytown!

But, I came out!  And everyone was like “ehhhh – we already knew, dumdum.”  So that was cool….  I dated a lot of dudes, made my share of mistakes, leveled off and now I have a super gay cookie blog.  I’m on the board of the LGBT networking group at work – and I helped organize our company’s participation in this week’s pride parade!  I have a Jimmy who I really like and I have a myself that I also really like!  Volpi Victory!

Then – Orlando happens – and I question myself all over again.  Those fears that I had came marching back into my brains and set up a little tent village (like when the Lannisters camped outside the Riverrun in last week’s Game Of Thrones!).  I stew in my own juices for a bit, but think “No way, Buster Brown.  Get right on up out of those juices and keep moving forward.   The Orlando kids would’ve wanted that.”

So – here’s a very tiny way to remind myself not to sink.  I’m also selling these cookies at work to raise money for the Pulse Victim Fund thing….

OK!  These are just Basic-B cut-outs, y’all.  No fuss no muss. I promise something a little jazzier in the recipe department next time!

Have a great week, y’all.


2 thoughts on “#39: I Refuse To Sink”

  1. Love you and everything about you Jack-o! So happy I’ve known you down your whole twisted road and it’s always led back to the same place: me heartin’ you and everything about you. I hate that anyone could think radically differently about you or anyone like you because of a box you check and I will go to the mat defending that. xxoo my good friend. Sending you love, love, love from the entire 350 tribe ❤


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