#45: Reece’s Pieces & Pretzel RKTs

Hi hi hi hi hi hi!

Summer Updates:

  1.  Summer Sweat Production is at an all-time high, team.  I’m officially over it.  OFFICIALLY!
  2. Is everyone watching Stranger Things on the Netflix?  I can’t believe more people weren’t upset about BARB!  Poor Barb!   
  3. Jimmy and I are trying to sort out our November vacation.  I bought a book on Morocco and started reading the health precautions section.  “Tapeworm is rampant” is a direct quote from this book.  NOOOOOOOOOPE!  Has anyone been to Morocco?  How was the tapeworm???????
  4. Let’s have some real talk about Rice Krispie Treats.  They’re like the Selena Gomez of desserts – they’re kind of a yawn.  Jimmy’s friend Nikki (who looks just like Robin Wright from the House of the Cards) suggested some RKTs this weekend, and I was like OK – but only if they were a little jazzed up. So here’s this situation:

3 tsp butter

4 cups of marshmallows

2 giant tbsp of chunky peanut butter

5 cups of Rice Krispies

1 cup of smashed pretzels

1 box – Reece’s Pieces

Melt your butter over low heat and add in your marshmallows and peanut butter.  Stir this jazz until it’s melty and smooth.  Then add the Rice Krispies and the crunched up pretzels and stir this junk up.  OK – here’s where it gets exciting.  Slop your warmed up RKT mess into a 13×9 pan and smash it down until flat.  Cut this RKT slab in half so you have basically two big squares.  Cover one square with Reece’s Pieces (the more the better – that’s how I feel about RPs) and then slap the other square on top.  Use your (clean) hands to work this into a tight little square.  Cut and serve!  YAY!!!!

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