#52: I’m With Her Caramel Nut-Busters

Hey Team!

Woof – that was some week, y’all!  I was sick and my grandma isn’t doing too hot right now and I’m so tired of summer and all I wanna do is just have fall already, OK???  I’m just in the dang dumps and moping around like a fat lard.  Rita was like – “hey dummy, snap out of it.  Make lists and start doing things.”

So, I’m doing things.  Get ready for MORE THINGS, EVERYONE!!!!   Starting with – this rad video I made today! Weeeeeeee! (Turn the volume on!)

As for the cookies – I’ve been unsure about this idea for a while now.  But screw it – Hillary Clinton is a bad-ass b.  HRC – if you’re reading this – I sure do like you.  Let me know if you want some of these cookies for the inauguration.

NOTE 1 – I don’t have any plans to make a Donald Trump cookie.  This was the closest I came….  I just don’t like this dude….  So – no cookie.


Taste: 6 – that’s a lot of just cookie and nut….  If you’re into that, then god bless….

Appearance: 10!  YAY!


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