#55: Blue Periods

Hey Team! 

I used to work for a Frankenstein-woman named Viv at a toy store in Evanston. She would clomp around and scare the local children and no one ever bought anything.  One day I was telling her about graduation and she said “hey. There will always be someone smarter than you, handsomer than you, all-around better than you out there. Bye forever!” And then she disintegrated into a pile of cobwebs. 

Real important life lesson from an otherwise terrible person. I thought about that on my flight home from New York – where I DIDN’T WIN Saveur’s Bitchenest Blog Award. I was in a little blue period, but I was like Loretta Castorini (Cher) to Ronny Cammareri (Nicholas Cage) in Moonstruck, when they’ve just boned and she’s like “oh jeez what’ve I done? I just boned my fiancé’s brother! I gotta get outta here!” And he’s all “babe! Even though I just met you a few hours ago, I love you and whatever!” And she’s like SLAP! SLAP! 

(snap out of it!)

Side note: Jimmy really wanted to see the Moonstruck house in Brooklyn so we did and I know it’s a little gay to like Moonstruck, but it’s a really good movie – so shove it! 

Anyway – the point of all this is that I didn’t win and that’s ok. I sometimes won’t win things.  So I can mope and be sad for 20-30 minutes and maybe cry into my United Airlines salted snack mix on my flight back to Ohio, but by the time the plane lands, I need to be ready to move on to more things.  

So – these cookies are just like my monobrow Mona Lisa’s. Regular Basic-Bs with some salted buttercream. The guy in the original painting is much thinner but I tried my dang hardest! If you’re ever in Chicago, go to the Art Institute and look for the original. It’s so good.  And then go to Al’s Beef on Jackson right around the corner and Get Beefed By Al*.  (Not the Al’s Beef tagline but should be). Ok – bye! 

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