#60: Mocha Chocolata Yayas

Hey team! 

Relationship update! Jimmy and I have determined what kind of snacks best match our personalities. I’m a fire-blasted cheeto and he’s a ritz-bitz. We decided that last weekend when we were in Washington DC – where he ran the Marine Corps Marathon! 

 (Please note – he wore my 100 Cookies button on his shirt for 26 dang miles!)

I’m just real real proud of this guy. He was all smiles every time I saw him on the race course – and you should’ve seen some of the young beefcakes that finished after him! I was all “wowee wow wow wow! You sure smoked some beefcakes, homie!” (Direct quote) 

Anyway – none of that has anything to do with these yayas I just made. I have to bring cookies into work tomorrow as part of a team meeting something and it’s supposed to be a family fall recipe. I’ve never made these deals before but it’s an “Aunt Martha” recipe, so I think I’m good.  Her recipe makes like 4 cookies so I doubled it. Here y’all go:

1.5 sticka room temp butter

2/3 cuppa powdered sugar

1/4 tsp vanilla 

1-1/3 cuppa flour 

Two pinches of salt

2 tbsp ground espresso beans

Mix this shit and chill for 30 min. Make circle balls and smash your balls onto a cookie sheet. Bake flattened balls for 9 min at 350. 

Check it – I made my first ganache tonight for the filling. It was a real game-changer, y’all! 

2/3 cuppa heavy cream 

2 handfuls of choco chips

Simmer your cream and then stir in choco bits. Chill this junk for like 2 hours and then squirt ganache blobs onto your cooled cookies. Dust your shits with cocoa powder and powdered sugar (listen – do this bit when the cookies are warm so the cocoa powder like melts into the cookie a bit….. I forgot to mention that earlier….) 

These were such fun and easy shits to make and they look real sophisticated, like you can take them to polo match or a yacht christening ceremony. If you do, send me a photo of that! Thanks Bye! 

(Ending these blogs is always so dumb. I have no idea what to say….)

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