#61: Buttery Nipple Macarons

Hi Team!

I’d like to spend a moment to discuss Buttery Nipples.  Oh my – these are lovely beverages! And so very lovely on a crispy fall Sunday!  THE LOVELIEST!  It’s just butterscotch schnapps and Bailey’s Irish Cream – just throw that junk together with some ice cubes and sip your afternoon away!  Take it to a football game in a ziploc bag that you tape to your leg – or pack a thermos of it on a train ride up to the Poconos to buy chunky scarves!

(I’ve never been to the Poconos, but it sure seems like a great place for a butt-nipp.)

I had my first Buttery Nipple sometime in my freshman year at NORTHWESTERN!  I was a fat introvert and some lovely people took me to a frat party.  And – a beautiful sonofabitch handed me a butt-nipp and I was like “YES! THIS IS THE BEST THING I’VE EVER HAD IN MY WHOLE LIFE!” And then I think Roland came in and was like “has anyone seen my Erasure CD?” and then I was like “I have a Russian Lit test tomorrow – BYE!”

I’m actually sipping on a BN right now – and it’s really transporting me!  Soupy, goopy college times!  South Mid-Quad Squad – hi!!!!

OK – this is my third or fourth time making macarons – these are a real bitch to make.  Anything with egg whites – just so temperamental… But, here’s your dumb recipe.  NOTE – you need a dumb food scale for this – another reason I hate this shit.

90 grams room temp egg whites

Start mixing this until you get soft peaks

25g gran sugar

Dump this in and mix until you get stiff peaks

110g almond flour (sifted)

200g powdered sugar (also sifted)

1 tsp butterscotch extract

Fold this shit in and try not to over-mix or else the air falls out of the egg whites.  This is basically an impossible task.  Dump your junk into a piping bag and pipe blobs out onto parchy-paper-lined trays.  IMPORTANT – slam your trays down on the kitchen table to like calm your shits down – and let them sit there for about 30 min/hour.  Bake these shits at 300 for like 20 min.  Turn your oven off and then let them just dry out for a hot minute in the over.  Pop them out onto a rack to cool.

OK – I jumped the gun on the filling.  I got too excited to do this salted caramel jazz that I didn’t even think about doing an Irish Cream frosting.  Here’s a recipe for that.  This makes a completely traditional Buttery Nipple Macaron.

I ended up using a bag of melted caramels mixed with cream (like 4 tbsp), a 1/4 tsp salt and a cup of powdered sugar.  Shiiiiiiit this is some sweet filling.  Anyway – it’s so good with the salted caramel filling.  And really pairs so so nicely with BN – it just doesn’t have Irish Cream in it – and I’M SORRY I SCREWED THAT UP!

OK team – I’m going to take a quick walk now to burn off some butt-nipp calories.  Have a blessed evening y’all!  I won’t be talking to you until after the election and I HOPE THE COUNTRY SURVIVES WHATEVER DECISION WE’RE ABOUT TO MAKE!


2 thoughts on “#61: Buttery Nipple Macarons”

  1. New-ish reader here — love your recipes, first of all. Secondly, I’m also a Northwestern alum…. but no one ever handed me a Buttery Nipple at a frat party 😦 Just disgusting Everclear jungle juice that should never, EVER be a recipe inspiration.


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