#64: Scrabblers & Hand-Turkey Cookies

Hi team!


STORY #1 – I lived in Miami for a year and hated it.  I felt real out of place, y’all!  I read a book about Scrabble tournaments and then started memorizing all of the acceptable 2- and 3-letter Scrabble words (Xi! Za! Jo! Ka!).  I finally moved back to Columbus a few months later and joined a Scrabble group.  They called themselves COQS!  Columbus Ohio Queer Scrabblers!  I was in a gay Scrabble group!  Anyway – I’m really good at Scrabble now….

STORY #2 – Jimmy bought me a very fancy Scrabble game for Christmas last year.  We played once and I destroyed him.  We haven’t played since!

STORY #3 – I really like drawing hand-turkeys at Thanksgiving.

STORY #4 – Do you guys love The Head & The Heart?  Ugh – they’re so good!  I think they’re a really good autumn-time band.  Cats & Dogs!

OK – these cookies are just basic-b cut-outs.  You know how I feel about muss and/or fuss.  I HATE THEM!  Keep it simple, stupid!  That’s how I feel about Thanksgiving.  Honestly, I’d be fine with just a grilled cheese sandwich and a tomato soup.

That’s all I have, team!  Have a great weekend!  BYE!



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