#68: How ‘Bout Them Rum Balls???

Hi hi hi hi! 

Jimmy had never seen Love Actually before so we watched it last weekend. I remember thinking that it was a mostly cute movie and I sort of liked it but then we watched it again and it is truly a terrible movie. 

Here’s what’s up:

1. Colin Firth. I’m with those kids: I hate Uncle Jamie. You’re RUBBISH

2. Laura Linney. If smokin hot Carl is taking your clothes off, just let the calls go to voicemail. Your dickhead brother can wait a half hour. 

3. Liam Nelson and Game Of Thrones kid. Do not ever re-enact Titanic.  Never ever.  So gross. 

4. Sexpot secretary – I’m thinking about Snape with his clothes off and it’s so so awful. Aim higher! 


Honestly there is only one thing that I like about this movie. Natalie’s nephew – the octopus. 

(Christmas break goal – make the octopus costume for ME! Jacko!)

If you want an amazing Christmas movie – find Christmas in Connecticut. It’s the FUCKING BEST! 

Ok! Hi! I don’t know the first thing about rum balls. They’re Christmas classics right???  So I found an Aunt Martha recipe and gave it my best shot:

6 oz semi sweet chocos

1-1/2 sticka butter

1/2 cuppa brown sugar

3 eggs

1 tsp vanilla

1/2 tsp salt

3/4 cuppa flour

Ok! First things first – make a double boiler happen. That’s a bowl on top of a pot of simmering water. Melt your choco and your butter in said boiler until melty. Mix this mess with all the rest of these things and bake in a brownie tray at 350 for 12 min. (You’re basically making brownies here….). 

Cool these brownies in the fridge post-bake. Remember that bottle of rum you bought in 2002 and never opened?  Get 1/3 cup of that junk and throw it into a mixer with small chunks of your brownie business and mix it up until it forms a giant rum soaked brownie lump. Then roll balls of this shit in disco sprinkles and chill your moist balls for an hour – A FULL HOUR! 

Listen. I actually did a half batch with rum and the other batch with bourbon. (Not great). Rita thinks maybe peppermint schnapps or a butterscotch schnapps. Really any choco-friendly booze will work here. But if you’re hell-bent on rum balls – this is the what’s-what. 

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