#69: 2017 Cookie Cake

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!

I drew up this fun 2016 Commemorative Word Search for all y’all to do on New Years Day when you’ve got NOTHING ELSE TO DO!  It’s a fun way to just think back to the dumpster-fire that was 2016!  Just print this fun activity page out and see if you can’t find all these things that were things in 2016!


  1.  The CHICAGO CUBS won the World Series!  Remember???
  2. Remember PANTSUITS????  I can’t fucking believe we elected the OTHER GUY!  Holy fucking shit!!
  3. Wow – remember Stranger Things?  That DEMOGORGON sure made a mess of ol’ Barb!
  4. OK – I sure did love Rupaul All-Stars 2, but mostly when Katya was like “your dad just calls me KATYA!”  I love that dang Katya!
  5. Jimmy and I saw OH HELLO on Broadway and it was FUCKING hysterical!  Go see it!
  6. Rita and I took a bunch of yoga classes this year and CORPSE POSE is literally the only pose I know how to do correctly!
  7. Ugh – PRINCE!!!!  Crapdammit – I hate that there’s no more Prince!!!!
  8. I made these CARMELITAS and they were so good!
  9. Billy Eichner!  Ugh – I love this guy!  Especially “IT’S DEBRA MESSING, YOU GAYS!”  (also – He’s a Northwestern guy!  Yay!!!!)
  10. Rita bought me a HOT DOG TOASTER for Christmas.  I had one from Sky Mall a long time ago, but I have no idea where it is any more, so she bought me a replacement!!!
  11. Wow wow wow!  MASON’S CREAMERY is the tits!
  12. Another Northwestern alum here!  I saw my friend REGGIE AQUI report the dang news in San Francisco this summer and I nearly shit my pants!
  13. And, Reggie and I were friends with this girl named Buffy (now BUFFY SALLEE) at Northwestern and she still cracks me up!
  14. Did y’all see Catastrophe on Amazon this year?  It’s so good and so funny and ROB DELANEY can get it! (See below)
  15. AREOLA GRANDE is what I call Ariana Grande!  I think she had an album come out this year!
  16. Science Fact – there are four new elements on the periodic table and one of them is TENNESSINE!  Neat!!!!!

OK!  For New Queers Eve, I made a giant sheet of carmelitas (again, because I think they’re great!) and I frosted it – and put on some cut-out cookies on the whole mess!  That’s a showstopper in my book, y’all!  Mary Berry says “I like it!”

Hope y’all have a great 2017!  BYE!!!!

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