#70: Milanos

Hi hi hi hi hi!

Well. Here we are, team – winter! A few years back, I came up with an idea for a league of wintertime super-villains.  There was Alberta Clipper, the Nor’easter (who was very handsome/lumberjacky, but had a real bad temper), Wintry Mix (a librarian type with stringy hair), Black Ice (Samuel L Jackson), and super-cold floating head Paul R. Vortex.

They would just take over Jollytime Junction and make everyone miserable. But then handsome, yet unassuming young man Vern L. Equinox is bitten by a magic raccoon and gets Springtime Superpowers! Maybe he wears a construction helmet with a flower taped on top?  Maybe he and the Nor’easter have some very long make-outs??? God – I think this is a real real real great idea and I just wish I knew someone who could bring this dumb shit to life. Does anyone know anyone??!!!
Anyway – Jimmy and I just booked a vacation to Miami/Key West and I can’t wait to get the fuck out of Ohio for a bit. Until then, I’m going for long runs and making these Milanos. Note – I used the PopSugar/Brandi Milloy recipe and just be ready – these fuckers spread. Pipe your shit out one tray at a time and adjust accordingly.

Have a great week, y’all! And happy birthday, CLARE!

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