#72: White Chocolate Xanax

Hi hi hi!

How’s everyone feeling???? 

Listen up team – I feel pretty gross about 70% of my awake time! I was just thinking that any day now, Trump is going to start commissioning statues of himself to be put up in DC and New York and now my gross feelings are up to 85%. TRUMP STATUES!!!!! 

I desperately need to find new things to focus on – especially now as work is tough and it’s still gray and gloomy in Ohio and Trump statues are happening…. 

One thing I’ve been thinking a lot about is my new music project – I’m going to start producing Carrie Underwood covers and call myself Gary Underwood. Right now, I only know two Carrie Underwood songs – the one about before he cheats and the other one about I don’t know my last name. So I’ve got some work to do to learn a few more and get my look together. (Concept album cover here…)

Anyway – that’s how I’m getting my brains right. I probs will need to visit a brain doctor soon though as I don’t know how much more Trump fuckery I can put up with. Until then, medicating myself with these xanax cookies.

NOTE 1 – there is no Xanax in these cookies. It’s just a basic b cut-out cookie with melted white chocolate. 

NOTE 2 – depression is a serious deal, moreso this time of year.  If you’re feeling real real sad, seek help. And if you can afford it, consider a donation to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.  

That’s it y’all! Gary Underwood OUT! 

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