Hi readers! 

I was reminded recently that Valentimes is serious times!  (<– Click that link – the blue letters mean it’s a hot link to a new internet website!) (I had a hot link today at breakfast – a hot link of sausage!). 

Anyway – I already did a Valentime’s Day post last year (this is another hyperlink!).  I’ve got no new VD ground to cover.  

But – here’s something new: I just binged-watched the American Crime Story: OJ Simpson story this weekend and it is real real good. I remember exactly where I was when OJ was in that Bronco on the 405. I was at the mall working at Larson’s Toys & Games! People were freaking out, but I was like: hey – I’ve still got toys to sell! AND GAMES! 

Anyway – this OJ show was real good, but also real informative. For example – I didn’t know what a Colombian necktie was two days ago (no hyperlink here – this is disgusting. Only google this if you feel like being grossed out.). And the Kardashians were all a part of it! And Lance Ito’s wife was Mark Fuhrman’s boss! I did NOT know any of that!  Good good stuff!!!!

Oh! And Marcia Clark and Chris Darden maybe were almost a couple!?? Maybe if he made her this skillet cookie for Valentime’s Day, they’d have made it work! (See how I tied this whole thing together???   VOLPI VICTORY!

So, I went over to Rita’s place to make a Valentimes Day cookie skillet (she has the skillet! And then she helped make all the stuff!). 

Here’s your recipe, y’all:

2 sticks of room temp butter. 

1/3 cup gran sugar

1 cup brown sugar

2 eggs

Super-splash of vanilla

1-1/2 cup creamy and dreamy peanut butter. I’m a Jif man, but Rita only had Skippy.  

4 super-squirts of honey

1 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp salt

2-1/2 cups of AP flour

A handful of choco chips and a handful of Reece’s Pieces. I saved a bunch of yellow ones for the top to make it look real nice! MAKE IT NICE!!!!

So now you throw all this junk into a mixer and mix it up. Do you have a skillet?  It’s the most important part of this whole dumb recipe, champ! Grease down your skillet and then throw your dough into that bitch. Pro tip: use your hands. Just easier that way! 

Once you have a flattened dough blob in your skillet, make it nice with the rings of yellow Reece’s Pieces. Cook the whole mess for like 35-40 min at 350. 

Holy shit – the skillet handle is so hot when it comes out the oven. Remember that song Hard to Handle from those black crows? I like to sing “baby my skillet is too HOT TO HANDLE!”  Just a fun thing I like to do when I’m taking hot skillets out of ovens!

And then! Rita and I made some basic-b cutouts for even EXTRA decorations! Here’s some more things we did:

Rita made all the bees and that unicorn and all the things! Talent for so many days and months! 

I s’pose you could put ice cream on this or choco pudding or marshmallow fluff or whatever the fuck you want! Its your jam, Buster Brown! Have fun for once in your dang life! 

God I need a nap. 

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