#75: Tahini Love Letters

Hey team! It’s sunny and it’s still medium cold in Ohio, but I’m starting to see springtime happening and I’m in love! VIDEO CLIP HERE!!!!

With whom?  Jimmy – oh yes – he’s still around…  I got real mad at him for farting on me in Key West, but all’s forgiven and we’re still together! Yay! 

But – I’m really talking about this cute nerd named Molly Yeh. I’ve been following her in the instagrahams for a while now and I got her cookbook for Christmas and it’s all so perfect. This is a thing called “Cute Little Lunch”! Look how cute it is! 

There’s a thing in the book for pimiento cheese babka!!!! Doesn’t that sound incredible????  And the funfetti cake???  Can someone please have a birthday soon so I can make/eat that???

(Ok Jacko. Calm the f down….  this is borderline insane.  Sorry, everyone. Sorry, Molly.)

Anyway – I’ve been wanting to try these tahini blondie ice cream sammies for a while now. Truth be told, I’ve never had tahini before and had no idea what it was (sesame seed paste, it turns out!). So – jimmy and I went to market yesterday and found it in the middle eastern aisle. I made these deals and guess what – they’re delicious! (Note – recipe is here.  I fuckin blew it and added all my tahini in the blondie dough instead of saving some for a spread layer and DOUBLE GUESS WHAT! IT WAS FINE!!!!)

Anyway – I really have nothing more to say about anything. So – BYE!!!!

Oh. Here’s jimmy in key west 18 hours before he blew a fart on me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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