#76: Jacko’s Jumbo Snickerdoodles

Hi hi hi hi hi hi!

I came down with a case of the sinusitis this week! Brutal! I’m feeling mostly better but my right ear is so completely blocked! Is someone even talking to me??? I can’t hear!!!!  And when I stand up, I feel like I’m gonna tip over! Neat! 

I went to the doctor and this poster was on the ceiling hanging over the exam table.

This was the highlight of my whole week. 

That and I remembered that I saved Overboard on my DVR. It’s such a good movie. ELK SNOUT! ROY!!! (That’s two separate links, y’all! TWO!!!)

Ok. These snickerdoodles are just really great great great. I ONLY ATE ONE AND THATS IT! 

I’m off to a 430 pizza party at my friend Meg’s house and I’m taking these cookies with me. 

1. I’m real unclear why the dinner is at 430. I guess we’re all senior citizens now. 

2. I tried my hardest to keep any residual germs off these cookies so if anyone gets sick, IT’S PURELY COINCIDENTAL!!!

3. Here’s my dumb recipe. 


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