#81! Nutter Butter Lamb Cake???

Hi hi hi hi hi!

Hey! Spring has sprung all up in my face, y’all!  Guess who’s a little hungover?

Me, y’all!

My friend Cammy came over last night and we had some champs and watched the Rupaul show. Then we had the brilliant idea to go see real life drag queens! Weeeeee! I have a ton of respect for these ladies – it takes serious nards to do drag. (I’ve never done it, but if I do (I won’t) my drag name is Frosty Double-Stack.)

Anyway, I’m real tired today! Thankfully, decorating my Easter nutter butter lamb cake is real real easy! It’s just a pile of nutter butters (about 3.5 packages worth) with a bunch of grape jelly (about half a smallish jar) holding everything in place and a heap of peanut butter frosting. Pretty wild, huh?

NOTE – if you attempt this shit at your place, leave your NBs sitting out two days before at room temp to medium soften up.  Assemble and frost this thing the day before the big event and by the time you cut into it on day 3, it’ll slice like a dream!  This thing was no-joke delicious….  NO JOKE!

Here’s a run down of other lamb cakes from years past. Enjoy and have a great easter, y’all!

I modeled for that last cake – mustache twins!!!!

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