Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!!!!

Happy Memorial Day y’all!

First things first.  Here’s my dad in his favorite America holiday shirt! 

He loves his flag shirt!

#2. I’m getting so sideways about jimmy! We’ve been together for over a year and a half and he was down this weekend and just left to go back up to Cleveland. 

All weekend long he was like “we should blow out your garage and also blow out your kitchen/dining room.” He got all inspired by that dumb Nate Berkus/Young Handsome Man show where they remodel houses. They wear like 7,000 different jackets/coats every episode. Their jacket budget is like 90% of the show!!!! Watch the show and count all the jackets – your brains will melt….

Anyway – I was like “yo bro – don’t come at me with your weaksauce/bulljunk house design ideas unless you’re gonna commit to moving down here!!!!!!!!  He was like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 



Am I not the best boyfriend any living/dead person could ever hope for?????  I’m medium handsome, have a normal job, am very enjoyable to be around, was a Saveur cookie blog NOMINEE!!!!!  MOVE TO COLUMBUS AND LET’S JUST BE MARRIED AND LIVE IN THE SAME DUMB HOUSE TOGETHER ALREADY!!!! 

(Oh I should probs mention I’ve had two glasses of yesterday’s sangria…  perhaps oversharing….)

Well, he’s back in Cleveland and I go up there after four sleeps. SHOULD I MOVE TO CLEVELAND???? (God I hope not) 

I def have lots to think about y’all. But I also still have more fucking cookies to make!!!! Yay!!!  These shits right here are gluten-free and I only spent $8.90 on ingredients today!!!!  Only catch – you have to like coconut, player!!!!!  


I’m so proud of myself – I made a new video and I love it!!!!! Check it out!!!! (And turn on the volume for the SPANDAU BALLET!!!)


Ok BYE!!!

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