#89! Vanilla Buttercream Instagram Likeys

 Jeezy Petes!
In just two days, I’ll be on a dang plane to BUENOS AIRES, y’all!  Jimmy and my friend Cameron and I are headed down for a week of empanadas, malbecs and so many alfajores….  (SPOILER ALERT: #90 will be alfajores and I’m so excited to be baking in a FOREIGN COUNTRY!  I’m packing measuring cups and spoons! NEAT!)

A few things:

  1.  This is my first trip with my friend Cameron.  I love this kid.  He’s so smart and so funny and so loyal and kind but also – a complete asshole.  Like if Sarah Silverman and a blue cheese had a baby – that would be Cameron.  Just real offensive, but sometimes perfect on a salad.
  2. It’s Cammy’s birfday on Friday.  I think we’re going to find BA drag queens.  I hope there’s one named Steve-ita Peron
  3. There’s a VERY good chance, we’ll make a day trip to URUGUAY!  Because why not go to Uruguay?  RIGHT???
  4. For the first time ever, I’m looking forward to the flight.  It’s an overnighter and I think I’ve got a good passing-out strategy for sleeping through most of it….  And, if I’m awake, I’m going to spend the time working on NEW PROJECT.  Yay!
  5. It’s winter down there, and I can’t wait to WEAR SWEATERS!!!!
  6. I just thought of another great drag queen name – Large Margentina

OK – about these cookies….

There’s a guy I know only from the Instagram who reached out to me last week about some custom-order cookies.  He’s a gay who lives in Chicago and a few weeks back, he successfully flirted with ANOTHER MAN!  Only thing is – the flirted-with man lives in Canada.  The Canadian is coming back to Chicago this weekend and my Chicago friend asked for some fun courtship cookies!

I really thought hard about what to do.  This relationship is in a real early/real fragile stage.  I don’t know either well enough for a super personal cookie.  Plus, I don’t want to scare the Canadian off….  I was thinking maybe something very Chicago or something very Canada (even got as far as drawing this up)….

…but in the end, I thought maybe something like these Instagram Likeys would be real cute and non-threatening and hopefully not-lame.  They could take each other’s pictures with them and it would be real, real sweet and romantic.

Anyway, these are just basic-b cut-outs with a vanilla buttercream.  I think they turned out so well, despite the fact I had to do some surgery on some existing cookie cutters.  Should I have some custom Instagram Likey cookie cutters fabricated????  Maybe people would go real ape-shit for these….  What do y’all think?  Leave a comment wherever comments can be left!  THANKS!





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