#99! Thalia Ho’s Thousand Layer Choco-Chunk Cookies

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!

CONFESSION – I’ve been in a rotten fucking mood lately!  Y’all know how I feel about summer – I HATE IT!  This summer in particular was pretty lame and gross and humid and things happened that I didn’t like.

And then in the last week – things became real real nice and normal again.  For example, the weather is pretty perfect here in Ohio.  I’m sleeping like a tiny little baby with the windows open!  I’m not sweating my nards off walking into the office.  It’s just a real dream!

I bought myself a new computer drawing tablet and a drawing software and I’m like really into drawing things now!  And I took a cheese-making class last weekend and now I’m an expert cheese-maker.  And I bought this sweater from Old Navy and I can’t wait to wear it all over town!

product photo

Oh!  And I also bought a website!  For my next project!  It’s called I’m Writing A Cookbook (imwritingacookbook.com).  Here’s the skinny:  I’m writing a BLOG about writing a BOOK.  The blog is going to have some recipes but the book is also going to have some recipes!  EVENTUALLY!  And – the book recipes will be mostly new recipes unique to the book, but also maybe some classic recipes from this blog and the new blog.  GET IT????

For example, a recipe that I’d like to carry over from this blog is definitely THESE HARISSA THUMBPRINTS!  I just really liked that recipe a lot, OK????

And here’s the working title for the book – Cookies & Coffee & Champagne & Cathedrals & Cactuses & Cheeses & Centaurs.  HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT IT????

So – the new blog has already started, but I just need to close out this blog first.  And since I’m wrapping things up, I’m tackling this disgusting recipe from the horrible Thalia Ho. (She’s lovely and perfect. Please follow her immediately @thaliaho). You can get her recipe RIGHT HERE!!!!

If you make these, here’s a PRO TIP. Thalia says step one is to preheat the oven.  BUT then you need to make the dough and chill it for a half hour!!!! I SAY – preheat the oven after the dough has been chilled! You don’t need your oven on until right before baking, champ!!!!  That’s a Volpi Recipe Enhancement! 




2 thoughts on “#99! Thalia Ho’s Thousand Layer Choco-Chunk Cookies”

  1. What happens when you get to the #100 cookie?!! do you have to rename your blog? lol. First time checking out your blog, very entertaining!


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