#100! Big Finale Showstopper!

I went on my first date with Jimmy on Labor Day weekend two years ago.  I drove up to Cleveland and we went to some dump called Town Hall.  I had a boozy popsicle.  He had a beer.  One of his former students sat down next to us and I had to talk to the student’s girlfriend for about an hour.  Then we went to the Cleveland Oktoberfest.  It was a million degrees; we watched the wiener dog races.  There were maybe 4 kisses at the end of the date and I drove back to Columbus.

Then he sent me this text: šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜

That was it!  That was how it started, y’all!

Anyway – now we’re OFFICIALLY ENGAGED!

NOTE 1.  I’m much more interested in being engaged than officially married, mostly because wedding planning sounds horrible.  So – there are no plans for weddings any time soon, y’all!  I JUST WANT TO ENJOY BEING ENGAGED FOR NOW!!!

NOTE 2.  Eloping sounds pretty great, doesn’t it???  Jim & Jack-elope!  Get it???

NOTE 3.  I started my blog and my job in September 2015.  Can you believe it???  TWO YEARS and now we’re here!  Yay!

NOTE 4.  REMINDER – I started a new blog called I’m Writing A Cookbook!  It’s about me writing a cookbook!  Go ahead and check that blog out!  It’s just as dumb as this one!

NOTE 5.  I thought that the end of this blog deserved a big old finale showstopper.  So – here it is, y’all!  The cake is the Molly Yeh funfetti cake.  The cookies are basic-b cut-outs – and Cookie Crisp cereal.

NOTE 6.  Since this is the last blog – here’s a quick run-down of my favorite things:

  • My sweet little angel baby Clare asked for some cookies.  And so I made these…  LINK HERE!  Clare – ENERGY.  I love you.
  • These rabbit faces were real real cute.
  • I just really liked making this word search for New Years
  • I think I ate all of these harissa fuckers.  God, they were so fucking good….
  • Honestly – I’m real real real proud of these Red Velvet Costanzas and Festivus Pole Cupcakes.  These are my new holiday party must-haves.
  • This here blog kind of makes me cry every time I read it.  Cramson!!!
  • Remember Monobrow Mona Lisas?  They just make me think about Paris, you know???
  • And the jortbread shortbreads and the shitbird s’mores and my Nutter Butter lamb cake and my Hillary Clinton nutbusters and Grandma’s kiss cookies.  I loved all of these.

NOTE 7.  Thanks y’all for reading this garbage.  I loved it.

5 thoughts on “#100! Big Finale Showstopper!”

  1. Hey Jack! I freakin’ love your blog and your descriptions! Why stop now? I guess the new blog will be just as cool! Anywayz, a couple of questions for you, hope you’re still checking this blog: First off: How do you make the letters with that hilarious copy? How did you shaped “Volpi Victory” i.e.? Do you use salt dough with food coloring or something? Numero due: Regarding your #62 post (Volpi medals): where did you find those awesome medal ribbons? Are they attached with a velcro or something? Did you sew them afterwards? Ok and the last question is related to the Monobrow Mona Lisas: again, what kind of magical stuff do you use to create the black hair and dress? Thanks Jack, big love from Athens, Greece!


    1. Hi! Sorry for the delayed response!!!!
      1. For the cookie letters, it’s just cut-out cookie dough. There are lots of cutters out there, but I like these. https://www.etsy.com/listing/206996296/mini-alphabet-cookie-cutter-set?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=letter%20cookie%20cutter&ref=sc_gallery_2&plkey=2a487db1aee1dff2bebc28d578e75d4ee98058b9:206996296

      2. I got the ribbon at a craft store. I just looked for something a little thicker to hold the weight of the cookie. And I just tied knots at the top.

      3. The Mona Lisa’s are really just colored cut-out cookie dough. Those were tricky to put together but if you just play around with it, you’ll get it!


  2. Congratulations on your engagement! I stumbled across this blog since I’m an avid cookie lover and I must say your cookies always look adorable and lovely. It’s been a while since I’ve visited your blog due to my hectic schedule so I’m sure my congratulations are wayyy too late, but thank you for all the cookies and passion you put into them :))

    Much love from South-east Asia!


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