#101! PILGRIM HATS!!!!

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!

Special 100 Cookies blog post happening!!!! Jimmy’s sister Sue is in town for early thanksgiving and she came over last night and we made PILGRIM HATS together! (her idea….)

First: here are some fun nicknames I’ve come up for Sue:



South Suedan



Papua Sue Guinea

(Also my country nickname is Jakistan and Jim’s is Jimdonesia).

We’re having nursing home thanksgiving today with Jim’s mom (Momgolia). I’m very much looking forward to figure out what that’s going to look like. And then – special treat – Jim and I are going to Masons Creamery later today to see if it might be a good wedding venue!  FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!

Ok. Here’s your dang recipe:

Buy the following:

1 package – fudge stripe cookies

1 bag choco chips

1 bag mini m&ms

1 bag Rolos

Melt the choco chips and fill a piping bag with the melted choco.  Use the melted choco to glue a rolo to the backside of the fudge stripes and then glue a yellow mini m&m to the rolos!

That’s it, y’all! Find yourself a retired nun and give her a batch of these! She’ll love them! (She’s aunt-in-law is a retired nun).

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