#106: Oliver’s Swimtrunks

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi! 

If y’all haven’t seen that Call Me By Your Name movie yet or just plain don’t want to see it, I’M SORRY! I saw it a few weeks ago and I obviously loved it and have been just thinking about it every dang day! 

If you’re unaware of this gem of a movie, it’s Italy – 1983! A hunky grad student spends 6 weeks with a professor and his family doing whatever. There’s volleyball and bicycles and dancing and reading books and then just casually flirting with just about everyone. Hunky grad student and old-soul 17 year old son then just fall in love!  It’s real like “wow” and “ok!” and “jeezy petes!” and then “I sure did see that coming!”

The peach scene has really been getting all of the attention, but what about when Elio puts Oliver’s swimtrunks on this head????

That was a sweet, funny little moment! He was like “wow! I sure do like this guy! I wonder what his swimtrunks would feel like on my head!”  We’ve all been there before, RIGHT????


(Sidebar – my friend Cameron had this cookie cutter made of my face for Christmas. I love it, but starting to think I have early-onset jowls!  

How cute is this little video????)

It is the exact opposite of summer in Italy here. Winter in Columbus is cold and gross and I secretly love it because it’s just a built-in reason to stay home and do NOTHING! 

I did come up with a new business idea called Porks & Sporks!  It’s a bbq restaurant and it’s pulled pork mac & cheese and baked beans and so many slaws and CORNBREAD!  Get sporked! 

So I have to get going now! I need to shovel the driveway and go for a run and then pack up and head to the Cleve to see my hunky 50 year old weirdo fiancé! 

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