Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!

Oh hello!

Still in pantry clean-out mode here and this week, I got rid of a box of cake mix, a can of condensed milk and most of my sprinkles.  It’s super fun/mildly depressing to see my junk slowly get used up, packed up, thrown out.  Beyond the kitchen, my clothes are pared down to the essentials, my books are all packed…  My house is starting to look less like my brains exploded and more like the kind of house that normal Ohio squares will want to buy.  And – DANG Y’ALL – I want top dollar for this dump, so I’m doing everything I can do to make it nice!

(PS – this is Dorinda from Real Housewives.  I honestly have never seen this show, but Cameron tells me that Dorinda makes it nice.)

In addition to packing / cleaning, I also went on a mini-road trip this weekend with Dad & Rita to Detroit. Here are the best bits:

(on the way to Detroit – this happy fuckface building)

(this was the the Third Man Record Shop and I was like “records!” 👀)

(at the Detroit Institute of Art)

So I found a recipe for funfetti bars here!

NOTE – I didn’t use the choco chips, but I did add a frosting and some little letter cookies to make these shits EXTRA SPECIAL! And that’s a VOLPI RECIPE ENHANCEMENT!

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