Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!

If you’re a loyal 100cookies blog fan, wow! What? WOW! Thanks!

Anyway you probs noticed that I don’t know how to end my blogs, so I usually tap out with this goodbye message atop the Gaston chest hair freeze frame.

This all came from my post last Spring about the incredibly hurtful realization that this scene was CUT from the live action Beauty & The Beast movie. OUTRAGE!!!!


Like any good journalist, I needed more answers (12 months later). First off, I found this article in which the Gaston actor Luke Evans pushed for a shirtless scene but said Disney “won’t allow any displays of flesh”.  THIS IS THAT ARTICLE LINK!

The same article showed this side-by-side photo and now I’m wondering if it was Disney’s lameness or that Like Evans is HAIRLESS!

Upon a verrrrry thorough google images search, I found that Luke Evans does have some chest hair, but I definitely wouldn’t call this “every last inch covered in hair.”

But here’s what doesn’t check out – why do we get a shirtless Gaston in the cartoon but not the live-action??? Something doesn’t smell right here! Does anyone have any leads on BATB production team??? I smell cover-up! I’m considering an exposé podcast to get to the bottom of this. Please send your leads, DISNEY INSIDERS!

Also – while I was digging into this subject, I ran across this article from the original animator – Andreas Deja. He describes the debates he and his team had about the right kind of chest hair! Straight??? Curly??? COMBED???? There were studies done on the various hair formations!

Ultimately, they landed on a “mix of stubble and curls.” A MIX!!!!

Could you fucking imagine what that team meeting was like???! I WOULD FUCKING DIE!!!!

Again, I’m on the tip of a very sexy iceberg here and need more answers. If anyone cares to help and has information, please let me know. I’m going to reach out to Andreas and see if he can help fill in some of the gaps here, team.

STAY TUNED! Ps I wrote all of this compelling journalism on the treadmill. It took me 20 minutes! #volpivictory

IMPORTANT UPDATE. I’m rewatching BATB and the beast gets torn up by some wolves rescuing Belle after she runs away. And then he’s back in bed… and this….

hairy shirtlessness! I don’t understand how this is acceptable by Disney standards but Gaston’s shirtlessness isn’t!!! This begs a new question –


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