Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!

When I was a senior in college, I got the Lisa Loeb FIRECRACKER cd and I wore it out, y’all. In all honesty there were three songs that were major bangers – I Do, This, and Split Second. Some of the others were good and some were almost-stinkers – but on the whole it was a great super listenable album. Verrrrrry 90s. But so great! Do yourself a favor and buy yourself that album NOW! (or at least those three songs!)

And obviously I wore out my Reality Bites soundtrack. Do you remember that song Revival from Me Phi Me???? Holy shits – that song is so good! And My Sharona and that U2 song and Spin The Bottle! But the whole album was a stink-turd compared to Stay from my girl LL, right???? A STINK-TURD!!!

Click here to watch the vid-yo. Ugh it’s so good!!!

I just love that song so much and I think everyone who hears it agrees that it’s the best song they’ve ever heard too. Right??? It’s such a great song!!!! And Lisa Loeb is so cute!!!

Anyway I figured out that tomorrow is her 50th birthday and so I made these pink champagne marshmall-loebs (click here for the dang recipe) and I had some cookie dough left over from last week so I made the Stay lyric cookies. And that’s all I have going on right now!

Happy birthday, Lisa Loeb!


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