#115: Ginger Snaps & Honeyed Buttermilk Ice Cream Sammies

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!

Hey y’all! My ice cream adventure continues! This week, I made Jeni’s honeyed buttermilk ice cream from the Desserts book (page 48). I didn’t make the suggested cornbread gravel because I had no idea where to find buttermilk powder (I suppose you can find it online, but I’M SCARED OF THE DARK WEB!)

So I made the ice cream, which has a very distinct smoky almost bitter flavor and jimmy suggested ginger snaps as a go-with. And wouldn’t you dang know it – I’ve never made ginger snaps on this doggone blog!

This is the link to the ginger snap recipe I used which I liked very much!

So, Jeni – this is #2 on my ice cream journey and it’s really a labor of dang love! Ice cream ain’t easy! I’m guessing that the more I do it, the easier it’ll get, but right now, it’s just dang fiddly!

Lastly – a quick apology to my number one sister. We went to South Carolina last weekend and I got a combination cold/allergies which was a real vacation shitshow. And then I made you sick too.

BUT – I also had so much fun! Here are my highlight photos!

This is how Rita drives. She’s so fun!

A fashion trend i’m starting…

A dog in a pick-up truck.

me and my pal Clarence at the Gun Show in atlanta.


And that pretty much sums it all up! We also ran a 10k and had biscuits but I lost those photos. IF I FIND THEM AGAIN, I’LL ADD THEM LATER!!!!

Bye y’all!

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