Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!

Hey y’all!

This is #4 on my ice cream journey. I know I’ve been playing it pretty safe with these flavors. Nothing too wild, no fruit flavors, no booze yet… but today was exciting because it was the first time I think I’ve ever had a Gorgonzola ice cream.

And honk my hooters – it’s fucking amazing.

Fist things first – I had about three glasses of wine this afternoon. Jimmy and I bought two sofas, a giant rug and a kitchen light fixture today and that put handsome back THOUSANDS of doll-hairs. Thank Christ for credit cards, amirite? So to celebrate, we went to the While Foods (more like Whole Paycheck, right ladies????) and cracked open a bottle of rosé. So I’m feeling loose as a goose!

Would you like to see one of the sofas???

Please note the man in the background – DOES NOT COME WITH THE SOFA!

Thank you, Cameron, for pointing him out….

This sofa is going in the flop room. And this sofa (in charcoal…) will go in the fireplace room….

Its a sectional!!!! I’m so excited!!!! They’re both sectionals and I’m so proud of myself – I’m 41 and have a maybe-someday husband and three sectionals. (Don’t ask about the third sectional. Jim bought it from a gypsy and it’s terrible and I don’t even want to talk about it.)

Anyway – I remembered at the Whole Foods that you can make ice cream with Gorgonzola cheese and so I bought some and then I made the ice cream when we got home and it’s so good and I’m supposed to bring it over to Rita’s tomorrow for dinner, but I might eat the whole thing tonight and I’m so sorry!

(I won’t eat it – I promise – I have a quarter marathon that I’m running on Saturday and I just need to control myself, ok????).

Anyway -this was page 46 of the first Jeni’s book! And also – by far the easiest ice cream I’ve made to date. THE EASIEST!

Ok! That’s all I have, y’all!

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