Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!

Hey y’all!

Well, my brains feel pretty tired this morning and I don’t have a lot to talk about!

I made the Jeni’s Buckeye State* ice cream yesterday and hooooo-weeee! It’s real real good! I used this honeyed peanut butter that I found at the Whole Foods. Woof! That’s good peanut butter!

Also – I’m getting the hang of it now, which excites me. It’s like make a corn starch/milk slurry. Cream up son cream cheese and salt. Boil milk, cream, corn syrup and sugar for 4 minutes. Add that slurry. Boil one more minute. Then, mix in in with the cream cheese and chill that shit in an ice bath for 30 min. Then – my fave part – the churning….

I made a video of the churning! I really love the churn, y’all!

Anyway – jimmy and I ran the Columbus quarter marathon yesterday and then I had some mimosas and then the ice cream and I made a mess of the kitchen. And then I went to see drag queens! And oh! I got an offer on my house and I’m real happy about that! And now it’s Sunday and I wish I was watching movies and eating ice cream, but I have to help my dad move some junk and I’m meeting my cousin to talk about wedding favors! Weeeeeeee!

And this was a lame post! I’m real sorry!

My brains!

*buckeye = peanut butter & chocolate, ok???

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