Hi hi hi hi hey y’all!

Is everyone watching the Nate Berkus design show after the new Trading Spaces? Here’s the skinny – it’s just another home design show. It’s nothing to write Grandma about really, except Nate’s design partner is his huz Jeremiah Brent and this dude is ADORABLE.

Just look at this dude’s perfect hair.


“Look at me! Some of my dang hair is real short and the rest is kind of long and the long bits are medium messy, but also not at all messy at the same time. And it’s parted with a cute little part. Aren’t I the CUTEST?”

Yes and I hate you.

Beyond the overwhelmingly cute face/hair combo, there’s the following;

1. He makes a lot of faces. Like Nate says something dumb or the homeowner says something insane, Jeremiah looks at the camera and mugs a little and even his mug face is cute.

2. He wears so many jackets and hats. And the hats are so stupid. All so so stupid. But he makes them all so cute.

What the fuck is this hat?

What are these hats??? What’s your hat budget????

This one again?

3. I have terrible allergies right now and my eyes are solid red and I sneeze holes right through my Kleenex. Like the tissues do NOTHING compared to my sneezes. And as I’m writing this blog about sweet angel baby Jeremiah, I sneezed like a pint of boogs right onto my arm. So, I’m just feeling like I’m not living my best life right now.

JEREMIAH – you’re making me feel bad about myself!


Anyway! It’s a medium show with a v handsome person in it and that’s really all this blog is about!

Re: the iced cream, I kind of beefed it this week, y’all. I think I underchurned it and popped it into the freezer before letting it get to full ice cream stage. So it looks weird.

Also – The recipe called for some salted, buttered, toasted pecans and I had the bright idea to add sugar and cinnamon to them and I think I burnt the pecans on accident. And I used them anyway!? Why??? The benadryl? Ugh. Maybe.

I will say that the bourbon is a real unexpected treat. My friend Leslie used to drink bourbon in college and I would drink a little bit with her BUT NOT TOO MUCH BECAUSE I WAS AN R.A. AND I WAS RESPONSIBLE. (Lol – I was an awful RA.). So – yeah – the bourbon flavor really takes me back to Leslie’s apartment in Evanston! Hi, Leslie!

Also – I feel like my ice cream photography stinks. Ice cream is hard to make and hard to photograph. I’m having major doubts about everything. MAJOR DOUBTS!!!!!

You hear that, Jeremiah? I think you’re contributing to my self-esteem spiral.

Ok everyone! I’m in bed now and jimmy and the dogs are snoring and it’s so hot in this bedroom and my nose is clamped up and so I’m mouth breathing tonight.


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