Cookie Butter Iced Cream!

Hey team! It’s me! Jacko!

Happy Memorial Day! Right???


Listen – Jim and I just got back from his niece’s dang wedding in Fancypants, Pennsylvania. We stayed at a hippie dippie farm and it was equal parts charming and terrifying. Sure there was a giant soaker tub and so many quilts, but also more decorative animal skulls than appropriate (honestly one decorative skull is too many).

Kicking myself for not taking more pictures. I feel like you need more proof of how scary it was. I’m not one for hyperbole, SO TAKE MY WORD FOR IT.

The only real photos I took were of this deer I saw on my Saturday morning run….

and this toe ring stall at the market across the street from our farm.

Oh! And! We were so close to the New Jersey border that we could walk across the Delaware river bridge and be in cute Lambertville.

Anyway. The wedding was fine and nothing major happened. I ate all the hors douevres and maybe had two full bottles of Chardonnay. It was so buttery, y’all! And I couldn’t keep track! But – the hors douevres really soaked up all that wine!

So we packed up yesterday morning and hit the PA turnpike – and it was wet and wild! We almost flew off a cliff in a hydroplane situation! But I kept a cool head from the passenger seat and maintained total composure!

And then I made this iced cream when we got home! It’s my own dang recipe! I used the Jeni’s peanut butter ice cream as like a template and subbed in cookie butter for peanut butter and blipped in some speculaas cookie pieces and it is really something!

Real real something!


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