Gas Station Brownies

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!

Y’all! It’s my work picnic this afternoon! There’s gonna be a cornhole tournament and other things! And just like the last two years, I’m bringing a doggone baked good!

Here’s a quick story from my old Wendy’s days. One of our admins was like “hey y’all! Let’s have a potluck!” My boss Jason and my friend CLARENCE PITT JR and I were like “Jesus. Gross. Potlucks are so stupid, let’s NOT go and instead get lunch pancakes at the pancake place near the office.”

The night before the potluck, I had a few beverages and then started to feel guilty for not participating (pot-ticipating?). So I looked around the kitchen and was like 💡💡💡 “I’m gonna make my FAMOUS (never before made) JACKAMOLE!

Y’all. It was avocados and Reece’s Pieces.

I sure did bring it into work and plop it down on the potluck table and then went to have pancakes. The admin came up to me afterwards and was so sweet and said “I gave that jackamole a try and it was really great.” Then she locked herself into a toilet stall and is still there today…. Flush.

I love that story.

So! Where was I???

Oh! We have our team picnic and I was like – SHOOT! What am I gonna make???? I was at the gym doing my damn thing and was like “hey! Just go to the gas station on the way home and see what *SPEAKS* to you, you fucking idiot”.

So I bought some garbage and then made these Harvest & Honey brownies. Does everyone here know Lauren McDuffie??? She’s adorable! And she’s an award winner and maybe has a cookbook coming out soon??? She made brownies on her lil blog a while ago and I filed that recipe away in my brains. Oooooohweeeeee! If fudgy brownies are for you, you sure as fuck need to make these, compadre! Here’s the link, team!

NOTE 1. If plain ol brownies aren’t sweet enough, blop on a salted choco buttercream. I guessed at how to make this so don’t even ask me for a recipe! I DON’T KNOW!

NOTE 2. Then! For a little extra business, top with pretzels, cheese/PB crackers or Reece’s Pieces (again with the RPs??? THEY’RE MY FAVORITE AND IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, GO SIT ON A KNIFE!)

NOTE 3. Am I handsomer as a dog than as a man??? I kind of think so…. woof woof!

NOTE 4. Here’s a picture of Henry Cavill. Basically my twin!!!!


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