#117: Choco Chip Gay Wads

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!

Happy Pride, Y’all!

1. Growing up, I got “fag” and “fairy” a lot. But every so often, I’d get a “gay wad”, which – upon reflection – is kind of charming. It’s so stupid, that I medium love it. I’m a gay wad, y’all. DEAL WITH IT.

2. Pretty low-key Pride Weekend for me this weekend. Mike Pence was in town and there was a big gay dance party outside his hotel with a gay Mike Pence doing something. Here’s my idiot friend Dylan with gay Mike Pence.

Dylan is striped shorts on the left….

3. My other idiot friend Cameron found out he has Stage 4 lymphoma a few weeks ago, but is doing FINE! I took him to his second chemo treatment on Friday and brought his nurses some chemo cookies. They seemed verrrrry unimpressed…. I looked at their workstation and it was covered in cakes and cookies from like literally everyone else. Note to self – chemo nurses get plenty of cookies…. don’t bother….

4. These cookies (and the chemo cookies) are just standard choco chip. BUT! I added some Baileys Irish Cream in the mix – maybe 2 tbsps, and maybe a clump more of flour to thicken the shit up, and that’s that! I think the Baileys really adds a special extra deliciousness to the taste, so just get into it!

5. I also watched the first two queer eyes of season two this afternoon and holy jeez. When Antoni starts crying at the end of S1E2, I lost my shit. It was so sweet and I had to rewind and rewatch like 5 times.

Also – can we talk about Bobby??? I feel like he’s such an outsider… like he’s not as cool as the other four and wears dumb hats but seems sweet…. I just want the other four to be like “hey, Bobby, we like you! Stop trying so hard with the hats!”

Here’s a cute picture of Bobby WITHOUT A HAT!

6. Ugh. That’s it for this week, y’all! Happy Pride, gay wads!

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