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I came up with a new TV show – maybe it’s Nutflicks original….  It’s called BEEF COVEN.  It’s the story of a coven of very attractive gay male witches, who meat (sorry – “meet”) in Provincetown.  There are lots of magic spells but also lots of steamy make-outs.  Here’s a quick run-down of the main characters:

Jack (our hero) – the most handsomest gay in town – he owns a cookie bakery and all the beefs in town want a real piece of him.  Will he find love?  MAYBE!

Jimmy – a silver fox who’s new in town.  Wow is he handsome, but also a medium dickhead sometimes (a Satanist?).  He’s a powerful warlock that would have some magic spells up his sleeves – but he only wears tanktops.

Tomas – Jack’s roommate and a Portuguese sailing instructor.  This guy likes to skateboard around and work out and does a few spells here and there, but he’s just real nice and likes to make hamburgers in his underpants.

Raja – the winner of Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 3.  In drag, she’s a bomb-ass queen with all the fashions who does a one-woman show every summer.  Out of drag, he’s a man-witch.  He and Tomas sometimes make out.

Orko – the gay ghost magician from He-Man.  He’s there for some reason.  Probably one of Jimmy’s dingus friends….  He’ll get vanquished to a different dimension after that third episode because he’s really annoying.

Charlie – a super smokin hot gay witch from another gay bakery down the street (can we get Donald Glover for this???).  He’s in the coven, but barely….  A real steamy tension here….

The Framingham Coven – this is the lesbian coven from Framingham and they’re always trying to stir up trouble for our heroes.

OK – here are some potential story lines:

Oh – what’s that? You’re hungry for more??? Here are some more show ideas for Season 2:

Does anyone know anyone at Nutflicks????? I can’t wait to quit my job and work on this show full time!