About Me – Jack Volpi!



Oh wow! Hi!
Are you really reading this???? So exciting!!!!

Let’s see…. I live in COLUMBUS, OHIO!  I was born here!  And I live here!  It’s a real neat-neat-neat city and come see for yourself, player!  I live in a very famous ravine in Columbus that’s haunted, but guess what.  I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!  (That’s a lie – I most definitely am.)

I used to work for a company and they laid me off back in 2014.  And that’s when I started baking my brains out.  I baked so much and took so many dumb pictures of my bakes that I was like “Hey, Stupid! Why don’t you start a blog?”  And so I did!!!!

Listen – this isn’t Shakespeare here.  When I’m like a million years old, I want a place to see all my dumb stories and jokes and recipes and thoughts and photos.  This is that place.  If you like it, great!  If you LOVE it, even better – sign me up for some awards and a book deal, please!  (jvolpi76@gmail.com)

If you don’t like it, I don’t blame you.  But also – BYE FOREVER!

Also – fellas – I’m TAKEN!  If you’re thinking that I’m so handsome and so fun and smart, I get that A LOT!  I appreciate all of the requests for dates, but I have a MAN!  THANKS BUT NO THANKS!  (Ladies, obvs real gay….)

PS – this photo was first featured in #72 (White Xanax Cookies).  My name is really JACK VOLPI; Gary Underwood is just my stage name for my Carrie Underwood country music side project….  I just like this picture a lot!


6 thoughts on “About Me – Jack Volpi!”

  1. Hi Jack,

    My name is Siona and I am in 5th grade. I am creating a food blog for a school project. Only 5 people have seen my blog. And those 5 people were my friends/teacher. I love the specific details you have in your blog, which makes more people come visit your blog. How do you get people to actually use your recipes, and take the time to look at your blog? I really want to make my blog widespread, and maybe continue it after my project. Do you have any tips or tricks you can give to me to add to my blog? I really hope you can help me; if you would like to look at my blog, go to this website: http://reciperemixbysiona.blogspot.com/

    Thank you,


  2. Hello from Portugal!!!!!
    Yes, I’m reading your blog here. You did a great job!

    Sandra Lopes


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