#8: Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Sammies

1. I’m a little drunk (persecco)! Yay!

2. My sister tagged an Instagram of some pumpkin snickerdoodles this week from Aunt Martha (marthastewart.com) and they looked amazing. I was all “I’m gonna make those and then make a salted cinnamon buttercream frosting.”  And then I did it!

3. My sister is so rad. She’s all “I wanna live in Seattle and take pictures of bears and hike and paddleboard and yoga and do all the things.” I love her times a million trillion. I wish she was here to try these cookies.

4. If you are looking for really amazing fall junk, visit dearhenryowen.blogspot.com. Those kids know what they’re doing.

3 thoughts on “#8: Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Sammies”

  1. 1. These look A-MA-ZING!
    2. Like even Cookie Lyons would be all “Lucious- this is one more delicious cookie you can’t have!” NOMNOMNOM – crumbs spraying all over her crazy outfit. PS Im watching Empire.
    3. I love you a trillion billion jillion.
    4. You better make these on Dec 15! xo


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