#9: Lime Shortbread

Hey Team!

Hi! I took a week off for thanksgiving! Jimmy and I went to a wedding outside of San Diego and I was just dang busy getting ready for it! And there were no cookies out there. Not a one! The wedding cake was terrible. This chocolate cake with super gross buttercream frosting. Listen, team, I ate it but only because I was being polite.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about these lime sables I had in Atlanta for a few weeks now. And I found this recipe on this blog: Joy The Baker. She’s the real deal, team. I made mine with two limes instead of a lime and a lemon. And they tasted like shortbread to me, so I’m calling them lime shortbreads. (Sorry, Joy!). Here’s the link to her recipe:

It feels good to be back at the cookies. It’s December now and The cookies are gonna be all over the dang place. Get excited, team!!!!

Last note: I have been listening to that Tevin Campbell song “Round & Round” on heavy rotation. I don’t need no Adeles. Tevin Campbell is the REAL DEAL, Y’ALL! Stay tuned for my 90’s hiphop/r&b cookie playlist. (Spoiler alert: CeCe Peniston…)

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