Hey Team!

I’m up in the Cleve this weekend and Jimbo is having a snooze. (Seriously – this brother takes so many naps….).  So I’m just hanging out and flipping through some old pictures. Wanted to post some of the stuff I worked on pre-blog. Some real good stuff here….


2005 (I think). Meredith’s Birthday Cake. One of my all-time favorite memories ever. My very first bake.


I think this is October, 2013.  My best Halloween costume – Hipster Narwhal.


2014, I think. Walgreens was selling these giant RKT sheets and I decorated one for Emily’s birthday. It’s insane how good I am at decorating desserts, y’all! Volpi Victory!


Easter 2014 – I went through a homemade doughnut phase before my cookie phase and I made these cute AF doughnuts for Easter brunch.


Spring/Summer 2015. Dad Bod cookies and Hall & Oatesmeal cookies. So so so proud of this work.  (Why is this one photo so small???  UGH – I wish I knew how computers work!)


A picture of my gramp from maybe the 70s?  I love this guy so much. I think he might be about to eat a lemon.


Last one for today – a pic from February 2015. I was at one of my lowest life-points. Rita invited me to Seattle for a few weeks and I saw this on a sidewalk. And it was a nice little reminder and it cheered me up when I was pretty dang blue!  And I still like it today!  Also – my Chucks were so clean!  Woof – how about those clean Chucks, y’all????


OK! That’s the end of my first BLIPS & BLOPS!  More of these to come! Weeeeeeeeeeeee!

(And – if you want more non-cookie junk, follow my dumb Instagram account.  It’s @jacktivities!)

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