#59: Lime Mike Pence Frankensteins

Hi team! 

Halloween is just 9 days away (I’m dressing up as a pizza this year!).

So here’s a quick scary blog! Let’s say Donald Trump is elected president. Yikes! And then let’s imagine that he gets impeached – because he’s Donald Trump and he really might get impeached! That means Mike Pence becomes president! DOUBLE YIKES! This guy’s a DICK! 

I’ll be the first to admit – I’m not so smart about politics. Alls I know is that Mike Pence isn’t so keen on the Planned Parenthoods and he doesn’t much care for the gays. He’s like “I’m a straight white Christian guy! I’m perfect! Be like me or get out of my dang face!”  I don’t want a guy like that making decisions for me!

Anyway! Who else is ready for this dumb election to be over???? 

Here’s your dang recipe: 

2 sticka soft AF butter

1/2 cuppa gran sugar

1/4 cuppa powdered sugar

A heap of lime zest (two whole limes’ worth of zest!)

2 egg yellows

2 cuppa flour 

1/4 tsp salt 

So easy, team. Mix all this shit together.  Make a rectangularish log (not like a circle log, rectangle!). Chill for an hour. Use your hour to google Mike Pence and form your own dang opinions about this dude! Cut slices of your rectangle log and bake for 12-15 min at 350. Decorate with tic-tac neck bolts and melted white chocolate stepdad hair. 

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