Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

This weekend, jimmy and I went to Chicago. The main purpose of the trip was to visit his friend RANDY. I was like “oh. Ok. Well let’s go see the Hamilton while we’re there and we’ll go with RANDY and my v good friend Kathleen who you may remember from this photo:

We make gingerbread houses together and make up Hallmark Christmas movie ideas. This weekend we on-the-spot made up the plot of Snowball Snuggles, which is that one unimportant girl from Big Bang Theory, who is a single mom, and she takes her kids to Holly Junction, Montana for a white Christmas (her husband died like 2 years ago). She’s staying at a charm-balls lodge that is struggling to make ends meet, but helps out with the annual SNOW BALL which is a Christmas party obviously. She falls in love with a Christmas tree lumberjack played by the hunk from smallville. Anyway. They save the lodge and you get the rest….

BUT back to Hamilton. It sucked so hard.

If you’ve been under a fucking boulder for the last three years, you’ve missed three years of people losing their damn minds over this shit. It is literally three long ass hours of people rapping about history in a hot as fuck theater. Remember when Theo and Cockroach rapped about Julius Caesar on the Cosby show? It’s that, but so hot and so boring. Consider that ticket money flushed down a giant toilet.

Also this weekend, we took a boat tour and had some lovely meals including breakfast w BECKY DEDO, who you may remember from this photo:

And then that’s really it, y’all.

About those fudge stripes, I got the recipe from the Brave Tarts book and it is legitimately one of the best cookbooks I’ve ever read. These shits were so easy to make. I medium overbaked the cookie bits and didn’t temper my chocolate right, but if you close your eyes, you’ll think a dang Keebler elf made these fuckers. Will def make these shits again. I made these on Friday morning before we left and I can’t wait to get home so I can cram these shits into my mouth and take a nap.


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