#34: Strawberry/Rhubarb Jammerz

Check it – lots to cover today.

My sister reminded me of some important work I did last year on self-actualization.  I explained to her that I’ve identified my Top Five Life Pillars.  For me, my Top Five are as follows:

  • Business
  • Body Business
  • Relationships
  • Enjoyment/Excitement
  • Brain Games

I wrote these in my iPhone Notes on August 27, 2015.

She asked me for a check-in, so here goes:

  • Business – I’m employed, so that’s a check-plus.  Now then, I am working on making my employment as meaningful as possible and that takes time, so I can’t give myself a check-plus-plus, but I’m working on it.  ALSO – I just bought a small business consultation through a charity thing at work for cookie blog upgrades.  Get excited.  (Cookie blog is now under Business.)
  • Body Business – well, I’m down ONE POUND from the start of the year.  I have a way to go.  I also had a face zit yesterday and a weird rash on my fingers earlier this week, that Jimmy thinks might be soap-related.  So a check-minus for Body Business.
  • Relationships – Pretty happy with Jimbo – no complaints there.  And, I’m feeling great about my family and friends.  So, check-plus-plus there.
  • Enjoyment/Excitement – Honestly, in a bit of a post-vacation slump.  I’ve got some fun trips coming up in the next three months and a Dolly Parton concert to look forward to…..  But, for today – just a plain old check for E/E.
  • Brain Games – I was really worried about my brains last year because I was so under-stimulated while I was unemployed.  And, my dad had a brain scare last year – so I was convinced I needed to do lots of brain games to stay sharp.  Honestly – I’m still worried about my brains.   So – check minus for Brain Games.
  • SUMMARY – Mostly check-plus! NEAT!!!

I needed to identify my Top Five last year because I was a bit of a mess.  What are your Top Five, player?  Write them down and schedule regular check-ins.  This cookie blog is really doing its part to help you live your best fucking life!

Let’s talk about these Strawberry/Rhubarb Jammerz.  I got this strawberry/rhubarb jam from the farmers market a few weeks ago.  JAM WEBSITE  Anyway – I’m 39 and this was this first ever time I had rhubarb anything.  Holy Moses – it’s some tart fucking jam! I liked it!  But, shiiiiiiit!  Tart!  I used this Strawberry/Rhubarb jam but really you can use whatever jam you want….  JAM WEBSITE

2 sticka butter

2/3 cuppa sugar

1 egg yolk (or 2 – maybe try 2…  I feel like it could only help the situation)

Big splash of vanilla

2-1/4 cuppa flour

1/4 tsp salt

Mix this shit up and roll out some balls.  (If you have a finger-rash, maybe put on some gloves for this part.)  Set your oven to 375.  While your oven heats up, give your balls a deep thumb-press.  Not too deep!  But like deep enough for some jam to just sit up in those balls.  Bake those pressed balls for about 9 minutes.  DON’T TURN THE OVEN OFF, DUMMY!  Keep it on!  You’re going to put some of your jam all up in them pressed balls and then cook the jammed up balls for another 5 minutes.  When your jammerz are done – THEN YOU CAN TURN YOUR OVEN OFF!

Once these shits cool, enjoy the fuck out of them.  If you’ve never had rhubarb before though, hang on to your socks.  I guarantee you won’t be prepared for all that dang tang!


One thought on “#34: Strawberry/Rhubarb Jammerz”

  1. Barb says. . .she really love the blog and the jortbreads! AND what a great idea to do your top five self actualizations and check-in with yourself. I need to do this!! Will be a project for me over Memorial Day weekend.

    Love you Jack 🙂


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