Open Letter to Saveur Magazine!

  Hi Team!

Hey – I want to apologize for all of the blog award nuttiness these last few weeks.  It’s warping my brains lately.  I need to get this one thing out of my system though just so I can move on with my life.  So – here goes….

Open Letter to Saveur Magazine Editors:

Hi!  It’s me!  Jacko!


I hate saying this, but I’ve been thinking A LOT about winning the blog contest.  When y’all sent me that first note about being a nominee, my brain pooped its brain-pants. I got to share the news two weeks ago and it’s been non-stop smiles since then.

It is a complete honor to be a finalist – my blog has been viewed more in the last two weeks than in all eleven previous months combined.  I feel more sure-footed of my life now than I have ever felt.  I have new purpose – and that is the best gift I could ever ask for.

But – let’s talk about winning.

It would be AMAZING!  I am planning on making myself a pageant sash to wear around town to make sure everyone knows I’m a winner (“SAVEUR BLOG WINNER” it’ll say.  Maybe some rhinestones…  We’ll see.).

I’m 90% sure the wife of the Columbus mayor hangs out at my local coffeeshop – I’m going to ask her to ask him how parades get started.  I’m thinking just a parade down my street with a marching band (and me in my sash).  You guys are welcome to come!

From the parade, I would drive up to Cleveland to share the news with my Grandma.  Here’s how that conversation will go down:

Me: Grandma – Hi!  I won the Saveur blog awards!

Grandma: Oh Jacko – I always knew you could do it!  You’re my favorite grandchild!

Me: I know!

And then, off on a tour of my grade school (St. Michael) and high school (St. Charles) for some inspirational speeches and some classroom re-naming ceremonies.  The Jack Volpi 3rd Floor Intermediate French and Earth Sciences Learnatorium really drips off the tongue, doesn’t it?

OK – Listen – I have seen the other finalists.  I know where I stand…

But, I just need to put this stuff out there.  If I have learned nothing else from this whole thing, I know now that in order to get anywhere in life – you have to put it out there.  So – I’m putting it out there!

I’m super excited to meet y’all next month!

Your best friend,

Jack Volpi

8 thoughts on “Open Letter to Saveur Magazine!”

  1. I want to drive the “Jack Volpi is a Big Winner Parade” car! Something snappy, a convertible, of course. Practice your wave, my friend. You’re gonna WIN.


  2. Aislinn and I cannot wait for the parade….we love them—currently making our own banner and flags!! Do you mind if she puts a little refreshment stand up at the end–its for whatever cause you choose—bhahahahaha!!! Good luck darling;)


  3. While I ADORE the notion of the “Jack Volpi 3rd Floor Intermediate French and Earth Sciences Learnatorium” (I love Learnatoriums.), what about renaming the cafeteria table where you sat or the lunch lady? Wouldn’t that be more fitting for the Saveur Blog WINNER??


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