#56: Norwegian Snipp-Snapps

Hi Team!

Fall!!!!  Am I right????

Ugh – I’m so happy summer is over.  Fall is the fuckin best – and, I hate to say it, but even better when you have a boyfriend.

(LISTEN – I’m betting 95% of the readers of this dumb blog are ladies and gays – so if you’re a straight dude – sorry – this one is not for you….)

Fall Boyfriends can hang out with you on apple-picks, hayrides, whiskey afternoons, candy-corn binges, football-game ignorings, sweater shoppings and then wearings, pumpkin carvings, couple-costume parties, November birthday celebrations, Thanksgivings and THE LIKE!

What’s that?  You’re single????  Don’t you worry!  My friend Marko Vanderwoodsen and I had this idea for Fake Fall Boyfriends.  Find a single gay nearby and snatch him up (ladies, this applies to you as well).  This dude will pose in pictures with you and will carry your hot toddies for you….  It’s basically the next best thing.  Draft up a contract that if an actual Fall Boyfriend comes a-knocking, your Fake Fall Relationship is OVER.  (NOTE – like any good rom-com, leave open the possibility that your Fake Fall Boyfriend could turn into your REAL Fall Boyfriend – what a fun and sexy story that would be!)  Fake Fall Boyfriends will take your falls to THE NEXT LEVEL!!!!!!

Now then, I’d never heard of Norwegian Snipp-Snapps until I did a thorough read-through of the North Wild Kitchen blog.  NWK is written by the loveliest and charmingest Nevada Berg and there’s no way I could improve upon her recipe, so check it out HERE!  These shits are SO GOOD FOR FALL – little fat pillows of cardamom and cinnamon – just begging to be dunked in a pumpkin spice latte. GRANDE! 

No! Wait! 


This recipe makes an insane amount of cookies – but it’s the perfect thing to make with your Fall Boyfriend, because you can take some to your office and he can take some to his.  So – get going, team!  Enjoy!

OH!!!!  And here’s another dumb video that I threw together in about 10 minutes. 


(Note to self – videos are like so so hard.  Please invest more time in the next one, fartface.)




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